Why FreshStart?

Stack-able crate design. Reduced footprint allows more per pallet, freeing up storage space.

Options for a durable wood crate for long distance, rail, air and sea commercial shipping or a heady-duty cardboard box for stock shelf storage and retail merchandising.

Includes everything need to activate.

Individual electrolyte bottles mean exact electrolyte per cell, leading to proper activation, longer life, and better performance.

Minimized spill risk due to individual electrolyte bottles and funnel fitment.

Reduced footprint helps reduce shipping costs.

Can be activated by a single individual.

Dry charged batteries have an almost indefinite shelf life, always ready to activate and go.

Electrolyte bottles are made from polypropylene and can be returned for recycling with the spent battery.

Packaging can be reused to return ship scrap battery and empty electrolyte bottles for proper recycling.

Can be easily designed to fit various dry charged automotive and commercial battery sizes.