What is FreshStart?

FreshStart is an All-In-One solution containing everything needed to activate a dry charged battery. Available in common battery group sizes found in Military, Commercial, Construction, Agricultural, Automotive and Stand-by starting applications. Packaging available in a durable wood crate for long distance, rail, air and sea commercial shipping or a heavy-duty cardboard box to stock shelf storage and retail merchandising.


Dry Charged batteries, at the ready, when you need them. Batteries can be stored indefinitely without risk of failure.

Stand-by Starting

Ideal for stand-by starting applications such as diesel generators.


Quickly replace heavy equipment batteries in the field saving time and money.

Everything Included

FreshStart includes everything necessary to get your vehicle or equipment back up and running. This means almost no downtime. Ideal for commercial, agricultural, stand-by starting and military applications. Available in many BCI group sizes.